Monday, August 15, 2011

Around Iisalmi

Today I went to Iisalmen Lyseo to find out what I need for Wednesday. After that we went to several stores all over town. We went to the bank to get me a debit card and then to the library. I got a library card and checked out a glee piano book just to remind myself that I can't play the piano as well as I once could. Then we went to a store to get me a prepaid mobile phone. After that we went to a Chinese restaurant. If you just laughed you should know you are not alone, I laugh almost everytime I think of the notion.
This is the picture of the inside of the restaurant.

Also at the restaurant we had chocolate ice cream pops which had a very familiar face on them.

After lunch we went to the bookstore. If you read the author you will recognize this book, but it definately is not the same illustrations I grew up with. This is the chamber of secrets which means the creepy lady on the front is Lockheart! The creeper in the background is Snape. I saw this book a week ago in Tampere, but I just had to share how funny I thought this book was with everyone online. After that we went to the finnish version of Target, a store I miss so desperately. I bought some yarn to knit a cowl scarf. And then the higlight of my day, drumroll please, I FOUND PEANUT BUTTER. and it actually tastes like peanut butter. It was rather expensive but I still was so excited. However when I looked for velveeta I remembered that they don't have it here. Then we came home and watched the finnish version of The Hangover. It was sort of funny but really weird because they are all really intense about finding a Digi box. However it definately had its own charm.

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